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1. Communication with U18 policy

Junior Hockey (U8-U16):

U8, U10, U12:

Parents complete a registration form with an email address attached.

Registration forms are used to compile a spreadsheet of players and their parents for each age group and gender. These spreadsheets are then password protected and able to be accessed by the Hockey Development Officer, the Junior Co-ordinator and the lead adult for each age group.

Communication is then made for U8, U10 and U12 to parents by lead adults for each age group.

U14 and U16:

Parents register their players directly to the club using the “Pitchero” website. Parents are the people who will be contacted on behalf of their child through the Pitchero website and app.

U14 boy member = Noah Hanratty. Person who has signed him up and provided contact details = Helena Hanratty = mother.

For U14s and U16s playing senior hockey, the same process applies. Parent’s will be contacted with information via the Pitchero website and app.

U18s playing senior hockey:

U18s pay student membership fees. The process is as with U14s and U16s. A parent or guardian signs the player up through pitcher and will be the person who receives communication through the Pitchero website and App.