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Mark Beavis24 Aug 2023 - 06:29
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Sign up now and help raise money for SHC

easyfundraising turns everyday online shopping by our members and supporters into donations for our club. All you need to do, is log on to the easyfundraising webpage or app before you start your online shopping. For those of you who shop with Amazon, simply log into easyfundraising and then select Amazon. It will even take you to your Amazaon account.

There's not only Amazon - online platform works with over 7,000 online retailers - including brands like John Lewis, eBay, Musto, Wickes, Helly Hansen, Sainsbury’s and many more - who will all donate to our club for free to say thank you for shopping with them.

It means that online purchases made by our members can add up to more - more equipment and support for our club and more opportunities for our members.

If an average online shopper is able to generate £30 per year, imagine the possibilities if everyone associated with SHC started using easyfundraising? If 300 members/parents generated £30 a year each, SHC would raise £9k a year!!!

Club members with their own business may also want to use easyfundraising for their stationary, travel or tech, resulting in even more funding for the club.

So, please click on the link below and start help generating revenue for the club.


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